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Information for Express Program Training Providers

Companies may only request grant funding for pre-registered training courses listed in the TrainingPro Course Directory. TrainingPro is a free, online service that allows training providers to register their courses for selection by grant recipients. Through the use of TrainingPro, providers are able to update and add courses at any time. Once registered, companies may apply for a grant to pay for a portion of the cost of the registered training course. All course registration, logistics, payment and other arrangements are made between the training vendor and the company. Applicants applying for a General Program grant may also use this directory to locate an appropriate training provider or course, but are not required to do so.

Requirements for Approval

Training providers are required to meet the following standards:
  • You must have been in business for a minimum of two years
  • You must be in full compliance with all obligations to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts
  • All grant funded expenses must be the direct cost of the delivery of training, must be consistent with the course as registered, and must be reasonable
  • The course must be consistent with the purpose and policy of the Workforce Training Fund
  • The course is pre-existing and have been offered within the past year
  • The course is available generally, and have not been specifically designed for the Express Program
  • Businesses are not legally mandated to provide the courses to their employees. An example is courses that are required by OSHA

Data Integrity and Security

In order to ensure data integrity, the first individual from your organization to log in to TrainingPro will be responsible for registering and setting up your organization’s “user” information within the online system. Since your provider/organization record is linked to your organization’s unique Federal Identification Number (FEIN), once your organization has completed the initial registration process, you will not be allowed to register another entity that shares the same FEIN. This means that if your organization has multiple locations, but share the same FEIN, you only need to register once. Once your organization is set up, you may add as many “users” to your “account” as you need. However, new users will not be able to add themselves to your account. They must be added by a current user who has access to the system. Instructions for this process will be provided after you first log in.

Course Registration Process Summary

  1. You must register all new courses with TrainingPro.
  2. You must email to request that the course be reviewed and registered.
  3. Once a complete registration has been reviewed, Commonwealth Corporation will formally register the course, making it available for applicants to add to their grant application. Commonwealth Corporation will notify you that the course has been formally registered. Note: you can also check the status yourself by logging into your TrainingPro account.
For support registering a course with TrainingPro, please contact: